Medium HIIT Workout to Lose Weight Work Legs and Abs

Medium level workout version that helps you loose weight while hitting you abs and legs

Workout Level: Medium
Workout Time: 15 Minutes

Get ready for this medium version of the work legs and abs workout. You will enjoy this video and get a nice HIIT workout out of it, especially with the squats. Go slow with the squats if you want your workout to be a bit more challenging. When you go back up from the squat position use a lot of force and energy when going back up into the standing position.

Exercise Routine:
Alternating Lunges

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This is a medium level exercise so your going to have to use a bit of intensity to complete this exercise. Keep water and a towel near you as you may sweat a bit. If when you do lunges or squats you find that your knee caps are hurting, then you may be over extending you knees. Keep them in line with your shoulders and don’t over extend your body. Always have fun!


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