Lower Body Intense HIIT Workout Lunges With Squats, Lose Weight Be Fit

Challenging lower body HIIT Workout that will keep you in shape and help you lose weight

Workout Level: Hard
Workout Time: 13 Minutes

Let’s get HIIT with this intense routine that will focus on your lower body. The main goal of this exercise is to sustain you lower body muscles and keep them enduring for a long period of time. This will help you tone your muscles or if you are trying to lose weight; it will help to burn calories.

This HIIT workout will involve the following exercises:

Mountain Climbers
In And Out Jumps
Alternating Lunges
High Reach Jump Squats
Skater Lunges

Interval And Duration:
We’re going for 3 intervals here and each exercise will be 30 Seconds of fun with a 60 second rest between tabatas.


Remember: Take your time if you need to, do not rush if you cannot keep up. Focus on getting the technique correct. Stay hydrated and keep water near you and most of all have fun!

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