Beginner HIIT Workout to Lose Weight Work Legs and Abs

Workout Level: Beginner/Easy
Workout Time: 14 Min

Let’s get HIIT fit with this workout that will have your legs and abs feeling engaged. We will feel really good after this workout. If you’re someone that is just getting back into fitness, just starting to get fit, or simply just want to try a HIIT workout, then this routine will be a great way to start.

Exercise Routine:
Alternating Lunges

We will be doing 30 Seconds of each exercise with a jog in between each interval. A 30 second rest after each tabata.

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Engage your muscles and make sure that you actually feel your muscles being engaged. Take your time and do the exercise correctly. Great! if you can keep up but you can always slow it down. Have fun! and make sure to keep water around you to quench your thirst if you need it.


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