Why You Feel Nauseous When Doing HIIT

When that feeling hits, that feeling that you are about to throw up or even worse, pass out while in the middle of a workout; you begin to realize that something just isn’t right. That feeling, as subtle or intense as it may get, is  a feeling that cannot be suppressed. Yes, some people fight through it and actually finish their workout, while other stop and are fearful of ever doing that workout again. One one end by continuing to fight through that feeling you do so while putting your body at risk, risk of harming your body and potentially your health in the long run because even though the body is meant to endure, it’s not meant to be pushed to limitations that are beyond its durability. The body is beautiful, complex and adaptive, but it is not a machine that can function without the necessities. So what happens when you get this feeling? the feeling of nauseousness. Let’s look into what is probably happening to your body and what we can do to fix it.


Let’s start with the most probably cause – hydration. Are you hydrated? One way you can check is by doing a bit of the actual exercise and seeing if you sweat. Are you sweating? If not then it’s either one of two things, either the workout is not intense or you don’t have enough water in you. Seeing as you are nauseous, it’s more than likely because you have little water in you. Another way you can tell is by mouth. If you mouth is a bit dry then that’s your body telling you that “hey! you need to drink some water”. What you should do is, sit down, relax for a bit and more importantly drink a tall glass or bottle of water. Don’t drink the water and continue HIIT immediately, you’ll need time for your body to actually absorb the water that you just drank. Let’s say 10-15 min before you actually get into it. The reason why is that sometimes your body may not absorb the water so quickly and a headache my ensue. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay hydrated not only during the HIIT workout but at all times. Water is essential for life in general.


The next best reason for why you’re feeling nauseous from your HIIT workout is because your doing HIIT on an empty stomach. Have you ever worked out on an empty stomach and your stomach starts to growl almost as loud as weights hitting the ground? That’s a clear sign that you need food and you need it now. Careful though, when you’re hungry you may want to eat anything, even the wrong foods. Eat the correct healthy foods and you’ll be in the best mood to workout, your body will thank you later with the results. Eat a light snack about 15-30 minutes before your workout. Something such as oatmeal with Greek Yogurt and a banana is an example of something that you can eat that will fuel your body before your HIIT workout. At the same time, if you’ve eaten before hand and still feeling nauseous, take a look at what you’ve eaten. HIIT may only just aggravate what you’re feeling based on what you ate, but sometimes foods that you eat prior can be linked to allergies or food poisoning.

The Intensity of Workout

If you’ve made your workout too hard then you may be pushing yourself a little too much. HIIT is amazing for giving you a small rest in between exercises, 10-60seconds at a time. However, the rest is necessary because of the intensity of the HIIT workout. To solve this problem start by increasing the rest period, if that doesn’t work, then change one of the high intensity workouts or get rid of it all together; start with the hardest of exercises in that workout routine.

Fitness Level

The last thing that you have to consider is how fit you are. If you’re just starting out and have never done fitness workouts, then start off with a HIIT fitness routine for beginners. Don’t jump into any hard workouts without actually starting with an easy or medium level one first. Once you get use to the amount of effort that a HIIT workout takes then you can move up in levels. Remember, you’re still getting a workout in and it’s always better to complete a workout then to not complete it at all. You will sweat with an easy HIIT workout just as you will sweat with a hard HIIT workout. HIIT will make you sweat regardless.


Another thing to consider is where you workout. Are you doing HIIT outside? Inside? Is it warm? Or cold? Is the room bright? Or dark? Environment is probably something that you don’t consider much often but it goes a long way in how you actually feel when you work out. Stay away from dark rooms because it will kill your motivation and even bright rooms can cause you to feel nauseous, instead opt for a well lit room that is not too bright. Secondly, if the room is too hot, stay out of it. There’s no point creating a sauna for yourself when you don’t need to. Your body will heat up in no time when you start to do your high intensity workout. Lastly, I would try to do HIIT in a temperature that is mildly cool. To increase your workout experience have music that is entertaining, fun, and faced-paced (as you’ll need it to help motivate you).

Just remember that when it comes down to it, HIIT can be challening and therefore should be done in the most safest way. Take the time follow some tips to do HIIT safely so that you can limit how nauceous you get or even limit injuiries. Deduct on each of the above causes of nuceuousness and youll find out

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