8 Reasons Why You Should Do HIIT

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Getting in a great workout can be difficult and challenging at times. The thought of picking up weights or exercising seems fun and enjoyable at first (for some) but that sensation quickly fades as time passes and the routine that was perfect in the beginning seem all too repetitive. So what do we all do? we pick up a new program or we simply change the workout music to something that is a little bit more entertaining. Sure, that may work at first. You begin to enjoy this new and exciting workout plan that you’ve set up all on your own (or even downloaded). You’re pumped and ready to go, but sure enough you fall back into the abyss of repetitiveness. So now you’ve come across a new program called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)  and you begin to ask questions: Is HIIT For Me? Can I keep Up With HIIT? or Is HIIT Really For Everyday People? The trust is: YES, YES and YES! Don’t get fooled by the words High and Intensity, there are so many different variations that you can find the right adjustment for you. You just have to be willing to seek and you will find. In the meantime, take a look at these 8 reasons why you really should do HIIT.

Reason 1: It’s Fast And Convenient

No need for an expensive gym membership with so much equipment, leave that for weightlifting. There are plenty of HIIT workouts that don’t involve weights, and even plenty more that don’t require much space. The area you need to do your workouts won’t take up too much space. Oh, and by the way, you can do it in about 12 minutes. Yes! you can get a great workout, that will leave you sweating buckets in 12 minutes. 30 Minutes is the max you’ll need if you’re looking for a challenge.

Reason 2: You Don’t Need Much

With the exception of a mat and maybe a few dumbbells, you’re not going to need much more more than that. That’s the beauty of a HIIT workout, the convenience.

Reason 3: Use it For Weight Loss

weightloss stomachIf your goal is to lose weight, then I can tell you that HIIT is probably the best way to go. Did you know that you could burn approximately 450 calories per half hour of HIIT exercise? What that means is that a HIIT exercise will help you burn more than any other exercise out there. Even more than jogging for an hour (approximate burn = 400 Calories). It makes more sense to optimize your workout to burn the most amount of calories and in the least amount of time.

Reason 4: Won’t Lose Muscle

The worst fear that many people have is that if they do a cardio intense workout they’ll lose any muscle gained. Many even question whether or not they can really bulk up and do HIIT. The reality is that HIIT workouts do not affect your muscle mass. Your body is essentially burning all the fat and carbs first before it touches any muscles in a HIIT workout because of the low intensity and high intensity intervals.

Reason 5: It’s Fun

Workouts can be boring at times. Sometimes when you weight lift the friend that you may have brought can be distracting, and that playlist that you have blasting through your earphones is urging you to dance instead of focus. When you do a HIIT exercise you really don’t have the luxury of standing around – you’re always moving! even when you’re “resting” you’re moving. This is probably why a study trying to understand how enjoyable HIIT is determined that even though the workouts could be very hard at times, many individuals enjoyed a HIIT workout more than a Lower intensity workout because of the fact that it took a shorter time – over 90% of the test subjects preferred a HIIT routine. When your so engaged in the workout you tend to focus more, which brings us to the next point.

Reason 6:  You Stay Engaged

Whether it’s keeping close tabs on your timer, preparing for the next exercise, or simply just focusing on your technique, with HIIT you always need to be engaged. That makes your workout more interactive because you have to keep focused on what’s going on. Allowing yourself to be so engaged in a workout keeps you mentally sharp and physically ready.

Reason 7: You Challenge Yourself

Every exercise, every routine, every interval is a challenge. HIIT isn’t designed to be easy on your body. Yes! they may be easy exercises but they’re meant to get you into the HIIT routine and that doesn’t mean that they are simple either.  Every workout should be a challenge regardless of the type of methods you use but High Intensity Interval Training is designed to keep you challenged.

Reason 8: Increased Energy

energetic womanIt goes without saying, exercising in general gives you more energy. HIIT is no different in that it helps you attain this level of increase energy by releasing more of the epinephrine (adrenaline), endorphins, serotonin, dopamine hormones a lot quicker and faster based on the high intensity that you workout at. With the increased energy

Although all of these reasons may sound appealing, you’ll have to remember that the number 1 reason for you to do HIIT is because you want to be fit and this form of fitness will get you there, if you are willing to try. Now, Go Get HIIT!

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